Should you use dish soap to wash your car?

We get asked this question a lot here at LotWash, and here is our answer every time it is asked.


The dish soap you buy for your home is designed to cut grease & break down oil. Dish soap, like Dawn, will dry out all of the rubber seals and gaskets that vehicles use to create air tight and water tight seals on windows, doors, hood and trunks. The reason things don’t rattle on cars is because of all the rubber that absorbs the vibration, and dish soap (over time) dries and breaks them down.

Another reason that neither we, nor other mobile auto detailers use dish soap on vehicles is that it will also break down the wax coating that we apply to keep your car looking fresh and new. If you are ever in a bind for car cleaning & detailing supplies, don’t reach for the dish soap. Clean your car like a detailer would.

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Blue Magic mini detail with interior Hot Water Shampoo

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