Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing

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Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing, Which Do You Need?

Most of your outdoor appliances will need to be cleaned eventually, and the obvious choices are pressure wash and soft wash. The big question is which should you use for your project?

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a solution for home use to clean a variety of surfaces. Instead up heating up water, pressure washing involves spraying out water at a force of 2,000 PSI (pound-force per square inch) or more. A light duty pressure washer will spray at around 1,300 PSI, while a high powered washer might reach 3,000 PSI.

Practice caution when using a pressure washer because it can be dangerous. At such a high PSI, pressure washers can easily sever stray fingers or toes.

Pressure Washing Safe Surfaces

  • Decks
  • Patio Furniture
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Asphalt Driveways
  • Concrete
  • Boat Hulls

Anything that is a durable surface is most likely going to be safe to clean with a pressure washer.

Soft Washing

Soft washing may be done with a pressure washing tool, but it is very different. They are used at a much lower PSI, usually less than 500. Soft washing does not use normal water to clean the surface, but instead water mixed with a chemical solution of formulated detergents that are safe for the environment. This solution also is safe for your home’s protective coating.

It is also worth noting that the solution does contain bleach, so do be cautious.

Soft Washing Safe Surfaces

  • House Siding
  • Metal Buildings
  • Cedar Shake
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Wood Deck
  • Wood Siding
  • Wood Fencing
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl

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