Moonshine Bulletproof Sealant

LotWash, Mobile Auto Detailing in San Diego, BulletProof Sealant on Truck | Lotwash San Diego

At LotWash, we use professional grade sealant from the brand MoonShine.

The stuff does wonders and provides a 12 month Nano Polymer coating on your car, keeping it shiny and feeling new! If you get any of our BulletProof packages, you’ll enjoy 2 whole coats of BulletProof sealant on you vehicle after an iron remover and clay wash. Don’t worry about your tires, rims, windows, or plastic, we clean and seal everything! MoonShine’s brand of BulletProof sealant also helps block out 99% of UV rays to protect your vehicle from sun damage.

MoonShine always provides us with the highest quality cleaners, shampoos, and conditioners. Their frequent deals and high quality products keep us coming back.

LotWash, Mobile Auto Detailing in San Diego, BulletProof Sealant on Tesla | Lotwash San Diego

We did a recent job using MoonShine’s BulletProof sealant on a translucent wrapped Tesla that made the colors really shine!

Remember, just call LotWash if you want your car looking brand new. It’s what we do! Don’t forget add in a shampoo or steam clean, and your ride will be looking better than new!

– Mike at LotWash


3 year Ceramic Coating

Includes Engine cleaned and dressed, Iron decontamination, Tires scrubbed, rejuvenated, durable 2 month dressing, Headlight restoration finished with 12 month sealant,
Windows cleaned and finished with 12 month nano sealant & more!

*SUVs, trucks, vans and all large vehicles add time and cost.