BULLETPROOF 1 Step HiDef Polish with 1 year Nano Ceramic Sealant

  • Iron decontamination with Clay Wash
  • 1 Step HiDef Polish with Paint correction and minor scratch removal
  • 12 month Nano Ceramic Paint Sealant
  • 12 month Nano Ceramic Window sealant
  • 12 month rim Nano Ceramic sealant
  • 6 month Nano Ceramic tire sealant
  • 12 month Headlight Nano ceramic sealant
  • 12 month interior nano ceramic sealant plastic/vinyl/leather
  • Windows cleaned and finished with 12 month nano sealant
  • Scotch Guard all fabrics
  • Steam clean (including vents, crevices and buttons)
  • Interior windshield scrub with anti-fog
  • Trim & Headlight restoration
  • Rims, tires, and windows cleaned and sealed
  • Tires scrubbed, rejuvenated, durable 2 month dressing
  • Engine cleaned and dressed
  • Interior vacuumed with complete wipe down
  • Trunk vacuumed and wipe down
  • Shampoo with hot water extraction on floors, mats and seats (or leather)
  • 2 step Leather clean and condition
  • 45-60 min Ozone odor removal
  • Wheel wells and door jambs cleaned
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • ***Will Change customer supplied cabin filter for free***


***All pricing is based on time spent***

Larger vehicles add time and cost. Excessive pet hair, sand or cleanup will add time and cost

*Nano Coatings need maintenance washes.

Free 12 month MONSTER interior sealant with ceramic coating packages

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