About Us

LotWash is a mobile auto valet wash service located in Greater San Diego.  We set up in unused parking lot areas at locations people already visit.  Fitness Center’s, Plaza’s, Business Campus’, and Malls are some of our most popular spots.  All the necessary and environmentally friendly equipment is brought to you!  No more waiting in lines at the full services wash.

LotWash uses a state of the art water reclamation system to filter and recycle all available water.  We care about the environment.

Fully licensed, insured, and waste water compliant. We are happy to show you our documentation.  This includes $2M in General Liability.  Your business, property management firm, and/or lot owner need not worry about liability.

We also specialize in fleet washing services. Contact us for a custom quote.

Property Owners

Do you own a parking lot that has unused space?  Would you like that parking lot to earn you money?  Would you like to offer an awesome service to your customers or employees?  Contact LotWash and we will bring the car wash to you.  Profit sharing for your organization and smiles on the faces of those who matter to your business.

Fleet Services

LotWash offers fleet automobile washing services.
Day or night shifts.

Contact us for more information and a customized quote.

(888) 910-WASH    (760) 452-4252


How it Works

  • LotWash is much like a valet car service.
  • Drop off your car, give us the keys, take a ticket, and provide your cell phone number.
  • A text is sent when the vehicle is ready.
  • In some setups we send a runner or provide a valet station to pick up and/or drop off cars.
  • Online website bookings for one time or recurring services.

No more interruption to your day.  No more waiting in lines.  No more confusing wash menus.  We’re set up where you are already living life.

Imagine pulling into your gym and you see LotWash in the back of the lot.  Simply drive on up, toss us the keys, and go workout.  When you’re finished we have your freshly cleaned car waiting for you to go on about your day.

Mobile Services

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Our Services & Pricing


Hand wax


Steam clean interior


Steam clean & disinfect child carseat


Large vehicles


Extra dirty interior or exterior


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